‘If you plant a potato, you can’t expect to grow a tomato.’

That’s what he said. Given that he whiffed a bit of alcohol and had a carrier-bag filled with cans of beer, I wanted (just for a moment) to make a quick getaway but then he told me that God loves me and my children and grandchildren How could he know I have children and grandchildren? Soon he was talking about Abraham and Moses and Exodus…

Who was this man?

I was sitting waiting for my final train at the end of a long and wonderful day when he sat beside me and started singing his head off. He was really enthusiastic when he talked about the potato and the tomato and he wanted me to reassure him that I knew what he meant. The trouble was, I didn’t have the foggiest idea. His knowledge of English was limited and I struggled with his diction.

I managed to find out his name and that he came from Ghana. I managed to understand that he was telling me that God loves him, too. He told me that although most of us have colour TVs these days, God loves black and white TVs. He smiled broadly as he said,’God loves black and white – do you get it?’

I did get it. But what about the potato and the tomato? I was really finding it difficult to follow what he was saying. Then I got a glimmering of an idea and asked him if he was saying that we reap what we sow. He was delighted and I was mighty relieved.

Then I realised that I’d missed my train because I was on the wrong platform.

But no matter.

It’s not every day that a stranger talks to me with such enthusiasm about the love of God and about sowing wisely.


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