‘Am I not a man and a brother?’ Wedgwood pottery and the Slave Trade

I really like Wedgwood pottery – I have a jasper vase – but, until today, I didn’t know about the link between Josiah Wedgwood and the Slave Trade.

Having heard about this link, I came home eager to do an Internet search because I wanted to see a picture of the cameo medallions produced  by Josiah Wedgwood and shipped to Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia back in 1788.

Here is a link which includes a photo of the cameo and some information about how it was used as part of a protest against the Slave trade:


I heard about this medallion at a church fellowship meeting today. The speaker collects Wedgewood pottery as a hobby, but greater than her interest in the pottery is her interest in Josiah Wedgwood himself.She told us that John Wesley had this to say about Josiah back in the 1760s:

‘I met a young man by the name of J.Wedgwood who planted a flower garden adjacent to his pottery. He also had his men wash their hands and change their clothes after working in the clay. He is small and lame but his soul is close to God.’


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