‘You are all one in Christ Jesus’ Galations 3:28

At our parish church (CofE) before we go up to the altar rail to receive bread and wine we say, as part of the liturgy, ‘though we are many, we are one body.’  We share communion as children of God in Christ Jesus and we don’t come in rank order or height order; we don’t come as doctors, or HGV drivers;we don’t come as men or women, or Welsh or Scottish;we don’t come as Jew or Greek…

It does not follow that I (for instance) am no longer Welsh, no longer a woman because I am in Christ.

I didn’t puzzle about this too much until recent months when I discovered that this was one of the verses used to justify Same Sex Marriage. I’ve tried to work out the connection but I am still none the wiser.

Here is an excerpt from the commentary on this in my NKJV Study Bible:

‘Racial, social and gender distinctions that so easily divide in no way hinder a person from coming to Christ in order to receive his mercy.’

That makes sense to me.


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