I wonder what it’s like to be a VIP on Twitter? (Reflections of a VUP)

I can’t help but wonder what it would be like if I posted on twitter a photo of the cup of coffee I was about to drink, or the new shoes I just bought, and was then flooded with favourites, retweets and comments. This never happens to me, of course, because I’m not a Very Important Person – I’m just a VUP!

In fact, I don’t expect anyone to be remotely interested in a cup of coffee I’m about to drink, or my new shoes, or the latest ‘pearl of wisdom’ I’ve just thought of, but I really am intrigued at the way such ordinary details are treated as super-important when they are posted by VIPs on Twitter.

I can understand a brilliant, informative blog or article being rewarded with a flurry of favourites, RTs and replies. I can understand it when a superb photo of scenery or plants receives the same response. I also understand it when there’s a report of a good outcome to a campaign close to the hearts of many Tweeps.

But a cup of coffee? Maybe the appeal of this is the reassurance that extra-ordinary people do ordinary things, too? After all, there’s nothing newsworthy about ordinary people doing ordinary things!Maybe… but I remain intrigued.


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