‘He would, wouldn’t he?’ Mandy Rice – Davies

I feel sad to hear of the death of Mandy Rice-Davies, and it has brought back memories of living just two streets away from Bryanston Mews when the scandal hit the headlines.We were living just two streets away and we didn’t notice a thing! How did we manage to miss it?
We were students then, living in a hall of residence in Nutford Place. We all trooped around to Bryanston Mews, but saw nothing remarkable there – yet so much had been happening behind closed doors!
We made noises about how disgraceful it all was and how we thought those men ought to have known better, and how Mandy Rice-Davies and Christine Keeler were no angels…we would, wouldn’t we? Yet I had a secret admiration for Mandy’s panache in responding to counsel as she did, when he told her that Lord Astor had said she was lying.She was no angel, but she was no demon, either. She was a mixed bag, like the rest of us, but more spectacular and colourful than most us.
No doubt there will be many comments about this that are different from mine.
So be it.


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