‘Ain’t it awful?’

I picked up the rubbish strewn over my front garden, but I can’t say I did it with a joyful heart!
I felt tempted to invite a few folk to join me in a little game of ‘Ain’t it awful?’*. Maybe we could persuade some people to sign a petition and send it to someone, somewhere?
I was also aware of a little childish voice in me saying,’Why should I pick it up? I didn’t put it there! I mean, look at that paper with all the little westies on – where did that come from? It’s not my fault! It wasn’t me!’
Then came the sobering thought that maybe, unknown to me,there have been occasions when rubbish from my wheelie-bin has been blown onto someone else’s garden and someone has had the task of picking up my rubbish.
In the grand scheme of things this is, of course, a minor irritation. Yet in extreme instances other peoples’ ‘rubbish’ [e.g. false testimony] can result in people losing their jobs, being sent to prison and worse.
What can we do?
Mainly, I pray.
A friend once said that we are responsible for ‘keeping our side of the street clean’, asking God to help us take the logs out of our own eyes.
And maybe I need to be more thankful for all the days when someone else’s rubbish has not found its way onto my garden 🙂
*’Ain’t it awful?’ – as defined by Eric Berne in ‘Games People Play’


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