‘Let Deep Speak to Deep’

Today I’ve started re-reading ‘The Inner Voice of Love’ by Henri J. Nouwen. Before me now I have the page entitled ‘Let Deep Speak to Deep’, one of Nouwen’s many insightful passages.
This book was originally written by Nouwen as a private journal, but eight years after he wrote it, he was encouraged by several friends to publish it. As one of many who have been inspired, encouraged and strengthened by his writings, I will quote the first paragraph of ‘Let Deep Speak to Deep’ here. I did consider summarizing
it but then I abandoned that idea because Nouwen’s words speak so beautifully for themselves and no summary of mine could do justice to them.
So here’s the quote:
‘When you ‘love’ someone or ‘miss’ someone, you experience an inner pain.Bit by bit you have to discover the nature of this pain. When your deepest self is connected with the deepest self of another, that person’s absence may be painful, but it will lead you to a profound communion with the person, because loving each other is loving in God. When the place where God dwells in you is intimately connected with the place where God dwells in the other, the absence of the other person is not destructive. On the contrary, it will challenge you to enter more deeply into communion with God, the source of all union and communion among people.’
‘I thank God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy…’
[Philippians 1:3-11]


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