The simple joy of polishing shoes

They are all lined up now – five pairs of newly-polished shoes, and one pair of newly-polished boots – and I still can’t quite believe the sense of contentment I feel when I look at result of my polishing efforts, and the enjoyment I felt when I was actually polishing them. I even looked forward to my polishing session with much the same anticipation as I looked forward to a visit to the beach when I was a child. A friend commented to me years ago that I seem to take delight in ‘little things’ – it seems that I still do!

Footwear has become increasingly important to me as I navigate the autumn of my life. I love fashionable footwear, but comfort and safety are more important, and I try to combine fashion comfort and safety. One of the most important things for me is a good fit. I take a half-size, which means that I usually buy Clark’s shoes, because they are one of the few manufacturers which produce half-sizes. Clark’s shoes are not cheap, but I rarely pay the full price, because I wait until they are ‘on offer’ in the sales. I also buy Rieker shoes, because , although they do not do half-sizes, their sizes are generous and I  can wear a size 5 comfortably. (I also buy them in the sales!)

I have become more conscious of the importance of safe footwear since the autumn leaves started falling and I have been carefully tip-toeing around wet leaves on rainy days. I know too many people who have had bad falls in bad weather, and I am wary, so some of my shoes and boots are ‘foul-weather’ footwear with strong, ridged soles. I have just ordered another pair of ‘foul-weather’ boots ( at sale price, of course!), and recycled a much-loved and well-worn pair of boots. One good thing about Clark’s and Rieker shoes and boots is that they last a long time, so I can comfortably budget for them. I have a friend who loves Hotter footwear as much as I love Clark’s and Rieker 🙂

I just had another glance at the line-up of my newly polished footwear, all clean and shiny  – how I enjoyed the cleaning and the polishing of them! Next on my list is polishing my handbags – I usually buy them in the sales, too 🙂


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