Charitable giving – I wish I could give more…

… but I can’t, because I live on a low fixed income, and most of my charitable giving is already spoken for.

I admire the dedicated volunteers who knock on doors , but more often than not all I can offer them is my praise for their work. Most of them respond well to what I say, but a few have tried to pressure me into donating and remind me it’s a good cause. I don’t disagree with them about that, but what I can’t agree to is signing up for regular monthly donations, which is what many of them request.                                                                                                               Charity tins in supermarkets are a different matter. We can make a one-off donation of whatever amount of cash we feel able to give, which may not be much… but ‘every little helps’, as one well-known supermarket reminds us in a different context.

A few years ago I helped with collecting for a charity in a supermarket. I did not shake a tin at anyone, because I don’t like it when people shake tins at me! Several people donated. Interestingly, most donations were made by elderly people, disabled people, and parents who had been pulled towards our stand by children who wanted a badge or a sticker. Many people walked past us, eyes averted. At one point, I counted the number of people who walked past and worked out what we would have collected if each one had put just ten pence into our tins – quite a lot, actually. So now I am no longer embarrassed about putting as little as ten pence in most tins I see, because I know that such small donations soon mount up.

I don’t know whether I should be posting the ‘every little helps’ slogan here, but it really is true – no donation is too small (in my opinion, anyway 🙂 )



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