Breaking the rules

Yesterday I surprised myself by remembering an occasion when I was a student in a hall of residence and I unintentionally broke a house rule. The deputy warden told me that she was angry with me because I had put her in the position of having to reprimand me and she said that she did not like being in that position.

I suppose really that I should not have been too surprised yesterday when I remembered this incident which happened decades ago – the breaking of rules has been topical. I am weary of some of the negative comments about the  Primates 2016, and my main sympathies are with the Primates who were put in the position of having to rebuke the TEC for knowingly and deliberately acting against the doctrine of the Anglican Communion.

Whatever individual people and church branches may think about the established doctrine, it is the doctrine and, in acting against it, TEC showed a lack of respect and concern for the main body of the Anglican Communion.

My rule-breaking in the hall of residence , by the way, was not an act of rebellion. I forgot to return a ‘late key’ at the agreed time and, although I was safely in my room, there was for a while concern about my whereabouts and my safety. I had made extra work for the deputy warden. I am thankful that she rebuked me for this – she taught me an important lesson.


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