A puzzle

My first is in love, but isn’t in hate

My second’s in give, and also in wait

My third is in silent, but isn’t in loud

My fourth is in modest, but isn’t in proud

My fifth is in kindness and also in prayer

My sixth is in gentle but isn’t in pare

My seventh’s in hearing but isn’t in speech

My eighth is in yielding but isn’t in teach

My last is in gracious and also in song

My whole is…

I have tried to think of a clue for ‘my whole’ but I haven’t thought of one yet…

My whole is ??? What do you think?



9 thoughts on “A puzzle

      1. quinnjones2 Post author

        Hi Sue,
        Sorry – I thought that your comment was a suggested answer to this puzzle!
        It also occurred to me that this type of puzzle is probably called a riddle.
        I’ll publish the post again and then after a while I will publish the answer – but I think you may have already worked it out? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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