I wonder what’s gone wrong?

When the train came in and my friend was not on it, I naturally wondered what had gone wrong. I thought she might have missed the train and, as she does not use a mobile phone much, she would probably have done her best to ring me on my landline. I hoped that all was well with my friend This little local train only runs once an hour, so I had time to go home  and check for messages on my landline.

There were no messages on my landline and I started to wonder if my friend was all right. I was about to ring her when it occurred to me that I might have got the date wrong. I had. We had originally planned to meet today, but then she rang me last week and asked if we could change it to Monday 1st August. I felt relieved and thought that nothing had gone wrong after all. Yet something had gone wrong. I had got the date wrong, and I was so convinced that I had got it right that I didn’t even check my diary before going to the station. The good thing is that the only person who was put out by my mistake was me!

So on Monday my friend will come over on the train and we will go to a lovely café in the park that backs onto my garden. We will have a good chat about our children, our grandchildren, our friends, and what has been happening in the world. I am really looking forward to it, and this time I will get the date right 🙂


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